Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed at length by Shira Litwack, a medical journalist who produces Best In Corporate Health radio. One of Shira’s most frequent topics is oxidative stress and its debilitating effect on our health.

As my patients and followers know, I believe stress to be the leading cause of death in our culture because stress triggers or exacerbates so many other conditions—including chronic kidney disease.

In this interview, Shira and I talk about

  • The role of oxidative stress in health and wellness
  • Strategies for managing stress and preventing kidney disease and other life-threatening illnesses
  • Medical advances that make transplantation a better option for many kidney disease patients
  • My take on a variety of lifestyle choices, including smoking, alcohol, high-protein diets, medications, exercise, and nutrition
  • My own experience with life-threatening illness, and
  • Creating a personal roadmap to prevention

I was honored by Shira’s comment about my book:

“I give Dr. Fisher’s book a ‘10’ for informative information on treatment and prevention of chronic kidney disease and a 10+ as a ‘chicken soup’ book on overpowering disease with heart, gumption and determination.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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