Layman’s summary: The study suggest that oral activated charcoal adsorbent may be also effective in attenuating oxidative stress and inflammation which are the main cause of accelerated cardiovascular disease and numerous other complications in patients with end stage renal disease..
Publication date: May 2013
Published in: American Journal of Nephrology
Lead author: Nosratola Vazir
Emeritus Professor of Medicine
University of California Irvine

Abstract: CKD impairs intestinal barrier function which by allowing influx of noxious products causes systemic inflammation. We have recently shown that intestinal barrier dysfunction in CKD is due to degradation of epithelial tight junction (TJ) which is, in part, mediated by influx of urea and its conversion to ammonia by microbial urease. We hypothesized that by adsorbing urea and urea-derived ammonia, oral activated charcoal (AST-120) may ameliorate CKD-induced intestinal epithelial barrier disruption and systemic inflammation.

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