In December I had the pleasure of talking with host Tony ­­­­Gonzalez of Mega Cares, 97.1 FM radio.

What the kidneys do; WHY 35 MILLION Americans now have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD); who’s at risk; kidney disease warning signs; what you can do to monitor your kidney health and PREVENT CKD; and what you can do to SURVIVE the disease if you have it.

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Summary: of our 30-minute conversation covered a lot of ground, including:

What the kidneys do

(Remove toxins and metabolic waste products through the urine; maintain the body’s fluid balance; maintain pH balance; produce the active form of vitamin D for strong bones; produce the hormone that stimulates red blood cell production)

Omar LopezHow many Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) 

(31 million; many of whom don’t even know it)

What causes kidney disease

(Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, genetic predisposition…all made worse by STRESS)

Why Latinx are more at risk

(Genetic predisposition, emerging trends of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes…all made worse by STRESS)

Kidney disease warning signs

(Nausea, thirst, more frequent urination, swelling in the extremities, shortness of breath, memory loss; however, by the time you have symptoms, your kidneys are probably in End-Stage Renal Failure)

What you can do to monitor the health of your kidneys BEFORE you end up in the ER

(Get regular check-ups to monitor blood pressure, protein in the urine, stress levels, and any family history of diabetes)

What you can do to PREVENT kidney disease

(Reduce consumption of fat, sugar, and salt; eat more vegetables and fruit; enjoy cultural cuisine but exercise portion control; avoid fast food restaurants and the middle aisles of the grocery store, where all the processed foods are; and perhaps most important: manage STRESS)

What you can do to SURVIVE kidney disease if you have it

(Learn to advocate for yourself; get on a transplant list; read my book for inspiration. It’s a daunting disease but, like millions of other Americans, you CAN survive it.)

Listen to the episode!