Please join me at Chaucer’s Bookstore on Wed., July 11, at 7 p.m. for an informal reading and book-signing of my book, Surviving Kidney Disease: True Stores of Love, Courage, Hope, and Heroism.

Earlier this month, a couple dozen patients, friends, and family members turned out for my book-signing at Tecolote Book Shop in Montecito. Included in the group were premed students from the Eastside Diabetes Prevention Initiative and people with questions about kidney disease. My good friend, Mick Kronman, Santa Barbara Harbor Master, who has lived a long and active life—that even includes free-diving with a donated kidney—was present to show that a rich and adventure-filled life is possible despite a kidney disease diagnosis.
I shared—briefly—the story of my own life—from meeting my wife, Leslie, 50 years ago, to my time in the Peace Corps in Bolivia, to my 43 years as a nephrologist in Santa Barbara, to my own experience with life-threatening illness—lung cancer—which has taught me so much about empathizing with my patients.
I read from several chapters of the book, in order to share my message that kidney disease is often preventable with attention to diet, weight, and stress-reduction—and that even with kidney disease so much is possible—as my own patients have demonstrated. The prognosis often depend on the patient’s mental and emotional outlook. Hope and love are powerful medicine in conquering even serious disease diagnoses.
I’ll share more inspirational stories from my book on Wednesday, July 11, at 7 p.m. at Chaucer’s. I hope to see you there!