Layman’s summary: A panel of British physicians published encouraging results regarding reversing diabetes
Publication date: February 2018
Published in: The Lancett
Lead author: Michael Lean et al
University of Glasgow
School of Medicine

Abstract: The study was done on 306 subjects living in England that had lived with type 2 diabetes for as long as five years. They were men and women who were all overweight or obese who followed a special diet consisting of three milk based shakes, one for breakfast, lunch and dinner, limiting their calories to about 825 per day for three to five months.

They demonstrated that 46% of the patients became free of diabetes for at least six months as measured by Hemoglobin A1C levels. These patients are eating a more normal diet now and are being followed closely. They all had significant weight loss attesting to the powerful influence on insulin resistance played by those pernicious adipocytes. This is an extraordinary study offering hope for any one with type 2 diabetes.

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